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Case Study: LogiWare Application Improves Operational Efficiency for USA Cargo:


Problem: USA Cargo was expanding their export business and needed to scale their business without proportionally increasing their staff. They also wanted to improve the turnaround time for quotes and information to their customers and provide improved profitability analysis of their business.


Solution: USA Cargo evaluated several software packages on the market, and decided that LogiWare offered the best solution to meet their needs. LogiWare was implemented in their Ocean and Air export and import business units.


Benefits Gained: USA Cargo realized the following benefits from the LogiWare software:


- LogiWare allowed USA Cargo to increase their business by 30% without adding additional staff members.

- Turnaround times to customers for quotes and other shipping information was reduced by half.

- The company was able, for the first time, to quickly run profitability analysis by customers and voyages and make better business decisions.