Data Entry and BPO
Data Entry and BPO


Why Outsource Data Entry and BPO to LogiWare?

LogiWare has built a very competent and experienced group of employees within the Logistic/Transportation Domain. We currently have over 80 employees that are very familiar with all areas of logistics, that can be put to work for you. They provide data entry services, and much, much more. For example, they can contact carriers and confirm on board, provide rate quotes, and accounting services.


How does this benefit our clients:  

Improve Efficiencies (Gain Control/Centralize the Data Entry Process):

  • Allows you to make process and rule changes in one place

  • Enables a more consistent recruiting and training process

  • Improves the ability to track, measure, and improve quality

  • Ability to increase staff faster

  • Ability to handle peak loads better

Increase Profitability:

  • Offshore capability allows work to be done at a lower cost

  • With the time difference in India, work can be done at night, reducing the cycle time for data entry

Improve Customer Service:

  • Free people up to work on more value-added function

  • Allows your staff to spend more time with the customer


How Data Entry Outsourcing Works:

1. The client receives an invoice or Bill of Lading.

2. The client scans the document into the system.

3. The document goes into the folder on the server.

4. The team in Bangalore access the documents on the server via a VPN connection over the internet.

5. The Bangalore team views the documents and enters them into the client’s system.

6. The client arrives the following day and all their work from the previous day has been entered.