Data Entry and BPO

Why Outsource Data Entry to LogiWare

  • Gain Control/Centralize the Data Entry Process

    • Allows you to make process and rule changes in one place

    • Enables a more consistent recruiting and training process

    • Improves the ability to track, measure, and improve quality.

  • Improves efficiency

    • Offshore capability allows work to be done at a lower cost

  • Increases scalability

    • Ability to increase staff faster

    • Ability to handle peak loads better

  • · Shortens cycle times

    • With the time difference in India, work can be done at night, reducing the cycle time for data entry.

  • Free people up to work on more value-added functions

  • Allows your staff to spend more time with the customer.

How it Works

1. Client receives invoice or BL

2. Client scans document into system.

3. folder on the server.

4. Team in Bangalore access the documents on the server via a VPN connection over the internet.

5. Bangalore team view document and enter it into the client’s system.



LogiWare Staffing Model

  • A qualified and experienced manager oversees the activities of the team.
  • Dedicated training staff ensure that associates are properly trained on client specific rules and procedures.
  • Dedicated QA (Quality Assurance) team measure the quality of work for each associate each day. Results are tracked and charted in a database system.
  • 10:1 ratio of associates to Supervisors ensures that each associate receives weekly one-on-one coaching
  • Dedicated technical support for each team reduces any downtime due to technical issues.


LogiWare Implementation and Quality Review Process