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Our Vision, Mission and Values are at the core of LogiWare’s identity. They serve as the key elements that will guide us in creating innovative solutions and partnerships that have the potential to change global trade and logistics processes for the better.

LogiWare’s vision for the future is one of a global logistics and trading network. We envision this network linking all parties involved in the processes of global trading and logistics, using the Internet as the primary platform.

LogiWare Mission
To enable the emergence of a global trade and logistics network and improve the performance of trade and logistics processes for the benefit of our customers, employees, and worldwide enterprise.

LogiWare Values
Our values are central to who we are as an organization.

Dedication to our client’s success
We go to extraordinary lengths to not only meet or exceed our client’s expectations, but to also find ways to help improve their business and be more successful in the marketplace. We know that by doing so, we will turn clients into advocates for our business.

Innovation in our products, services, and processes
LogiWare must always strive to improve everything we do from our software and outsourcing services to the processes and methods we use to develop and deliver them. We must thinking progressively and be open to new concepts and ideas that have the potential to work better in the future and bring us closer to our mission.

Trust, respect, and personal responsibility in all of our relationships
We will strive to be honest and straight-forward in dealing with all people, appreciate and value diverse perspectives, and relate to others as individuals, without regard for role, authority, skill, experience, or compensation.