The LogiWare Documentation application provides a complete end-to-end solution for creating all of the documents needed  for import and export, FCL and LCL, and ocean and air operations.

Many of the documents in the LogiWare system are available in multiple formats. Some of the documents offered include:

Document List


Some of the features of the Documentation module include:

  • Easily search and locate files and documents.
  • Copy documents to save time.
  • Choose from multiple document formats to meet your specific needs.
  • Each document comes with multiple print options to allow for maximum flexibility.
  • Utilize templates to save printing options for documents, customers, and users.
  • Convert quotes, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders into bookings, and bookings into bills of lading to prevent any re-keying of data.
  • Email documents and notification from the system to customers, vendors, agents, and track all correspondence.
  • Scan documents and drag emails into the system and have them linked automatically to a file to keep all information within the system file.
  • All documents support multiple office locations and can print different logo and addresses.
  • System creates automatic notes when any changes are made to a file for audit tracking purposes.



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