Custom Changes to LogiWare:

LogiWare applications and databases are designed to allow for the addition of user-defined fields so that some customization can occur without programming changes.

If further customization is required, LogiWare has a team of architects and developers that can meet with you to define the programming changes required to meet your business process needs. Since the applications are designed in a standard, supportable manner, the changes can usually be done quickly and at a reasonable cost.

General Application Development:

Since LogiWare’s core competency is building and implementing software, it only makes sense for our clients to utilize our development capabilities when they want to design and build their own in-house, proprietary software to solve their business needs. LogiWare acts as a technology partner in helping clients that do not have this core competency or that need additional development capacity or help.

Maintenance of Legacy Applications:

With both on-shore and off-shore capabilities, LogiWare is well positioned to help support client legacy applications by providing programming and project management support.

Off-shore Programming Centers:

LogiWare operates technology development centers in Alpharetta, Georgia and Bangalore, India and can provide high quality, low-cost programming solutions.

LogiWare Development Methodology:

LogiWare utilizes a Hybrid Agile Development methodology for developing and maintaining software. This methodology is recognized as a best practice in the software industry. The process is designed to enforce discipline, design, reviews, performance, scalability, and documentation in an iterative approach